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“My experience the last 14 days has been awesome. I'm SO glad and grateful for this group. I am building a habit of waking up early and really putting myself first when I wake up which I haven't done in a long time. The waking up early is not easy and it will take time to build that muscle but the reason I DO wakeup is because I know the other women in the group will be up as well. Something about knowing other people are there will get you moving! I know I would have been be able to kick-start this new routine on my own! Accountability with a group really does work!”

Carolina Polanco - SeneGence Distributor

“Originally when I thought about joining the Working Hours it was more about finally figuring out a way to feel more productive in my side-hustle. I'll be honest, I figured I wouldn't last more than 2 days. Yet, I quickly realized the true benefit of the joining the Working Hours has been the amazing and inspiring women I've met. ”

Stephanie Chrystal - Systems Strategist & Business Operations Coordinator

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